Playwrite Frank Gagliano

(The Musical)


“Jackie Cramer, Susie Lou’s boyfriend,
at the age of not-quite sixteen,
died on a Monday by slipping in dog do,
and hitting his head on a Volkswagen fender…”

 THE RESURRECTION OF JACKIE CRAMER is an entirely-sung piece about a 16-year old boy, Jackie Cramer, who denies pain and tears in life by laughing at everything.

When the musical starts, Jackie slips in dog do; hits his head on a Volkswagen fender, dies and goes to heaven. There he discovers that God is a Board of Directors (the BOD), and he laughs at them. For this insolence, Jackie is sentenced to stay in Limbo until he stops laughing and learns how to cry.

It turns out, that Limbo is just the place Jackie’s been looking for all his young life and, because of a celestial loophole, Jackie can stay in Limbo for eternity. So the Board Qf Directors (the “BOD”) set out to rectify their error.

They cleverly lead Jackie on a journey through heaven and earth, and force Jackie, for the first time, to confront his family and former friends-- and himself.

The musical culminates in a cemetery showdown in which Jackie finally cries but, paradoxically, comes alive.