Playwrite Frank Gagliano


"—no, no don't stop playing!—even though I see you want to butt in.
—Well, you cant butt in— you're not able to butt in except through your playing— so pleeeeease butt out! —stay background! Just keep playing!
—Like in the old Warner Brother's films, I want wall-to-wall, fade in to fade out, music—I want underscoring throughout this whole shebang!
—Yes! I want — No! — I DEMAND! —no dead spots
—in this wino riff Im on!”

On a snowy night in Bodoni County, the songwriting team of Irene and Vernon Palazzo attempt to finish their new and final song — and wait for a long-lost daughter Billie to return.

Playwright Gagliano plunges Lyricist/Faculty wife Irene
Palazzo, into an over-the-edge, wine-induced. monologue of rage, of regrets, thwarted expectations, self loathing, outrageous and raunchy humor, fear, guilt and pain; a tidal wave that breaks on a series of shocking discoveries; receding, finally, to a calming flow of love and reconciliation; and all underscored throughout by original and standard songs, and by the improvisations of Irene's brilliant, unable-to-speak, composer/accompanist husband, Vernon.