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Arthur Miller (1915-2005)

            Playwrights Arthur Miller and Frank Gagliano 

“Shortly after Arthur Miller died, at the age of 89, on 10 February, 2005, I was interviewed about it on a National Public Radio show called WEEKEND AMERICA. They wanted to interview people who had seen the original production of DEATH OF A SALESMAN. In the middle of my reminiscing about that experience . . . I briefly broke down. Ever since, I’ve been trying to figure out why the death of Arthur Miller caused such personal grieving and sadness in me — and still does. . . .” 


 My essay, “Why I broke down when Arthur Miller died,” has just been published in the Arthur Miller Journal (Fall 2018 issue). The essay started as a Miller tribute I gave at The Last Frontier Theatre Conference, Valdez, Alaska, the year Arthur Miller died, 24 June 2005. The tribute (revised and never before published) was developed from the following events: Seeing the original Elia Kazan Broadway production of “Death Of A Salesman;” my first meeting with Miller when I was an “emerging playwright” at New York’s New Dramatists; working with Miller to establish the Arthur Miller Playwriting Award at Miller’s alma mater in Ann Arbor; the influence of Miller's plays on my writing; being inspired by Miller’s activism. 


[Complete Arthur Miller Journal tribute for easy download follows:] 


(The prestigious AMJ journal, volume 13, number 2, also features a symposium on daughter Rebecca Miller’s extraordinary HBO documentary, “Arthur Miller, Writer." I was honored to contribute some comments to the symposium, too. You can access my comments here:)




  (For the original Miller Essay With Photos.pdf for easy download here) 


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YORICK'S SKULL: 4 New York days 

with Sondheim, Brel, Goldoni, Odets and Yorick’s Skull)


Yorick's Skull (Part 1)

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Yorick's Skull (Part 2)

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 "Playwright In Ukraine"


“On March 15, 2005 — just three months after the Ukrainian Orange Revolution — I gave a reading/performance of my play, “MY CHEKHOV LIGHT,” in the Regional Art Museum in Kirovograd, Ukraine. In many ways, the experience changed my life. . . .”

See below: Parts 1 and 2 of my very-personal Ukrainian Odyssey. Log on and meet some interesting and beautiful Ukrainian people, and read my riffs on their arts, their hopes, and my epiphanies about my art in a foreign land.


"Playwright in Ukraine" Part 1

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"Playwright In Ukraine" Part 2

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OMG!/NYC/NEW DRAMATISTS/SOUTH PACIFIC and BILLY ELLIOT Monday, May 25, 2009 at 2:19pm (Facebook Note) 

At the New Dramatists annual NYC fund raising luncheon (May 19, 2009), this year in honor of Horton Foote and New Dramatists’ (ND) alums (like moi), I sit at Jeffrey Hatcher’s table with ND alum playwrights Robert Shenkkan and James Nicholson, both old friends; terrific writers, terrific guys. Give each of them a copy of my novel ANTON’S LEAP. . .

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Facebook piece for easly download. . .)