Georg: Or The Black Box Murders a novel

(How far along? —Three chapters,14
pages). . . .Hiram Bodoni, Detective (and a “once was” and a
“has been” dabbler Off-Off Broadway playwright—“That’s
me, the playwright dick”), flees the humiliation of his latest
Off-Off Broadway flop (and his flop relationship with
Madeleine Favorini) by driving down south to his one living
relative, the retired Mafioso Consigliere, uncle Ignazio
Bodoni — for solace—and for a job. Uncle Ignazio, now legit,
and who has backed some of Hiram’s flops, and who has
endowed the now-famous Black Box Studio Theatre at
Bodoni County U — and who wants Hiram to protect the
manuscript of the fragment of a lost play of the Woyzeck
genius, Georg Buchner, planned for production and,
hopefully, that will put Bodoni U on the map. Uncle Ignazio
also wants Hiram to find out who keeps leaving body parts
under his Cadillac. . . .University student Divas —
(murderers, perhaps?)—also play their parts. . .



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