Humongus Toe Rides Again a play

A Play (How far along? —One scene and three pages of a second scene)
. . .Hip, Humongus Toe explodes out of a Molotov Cocktail at the height of the violence of an inner-city, called “The Bog.” Humongus is in search of the Speonk Peace Pipe for his people, and for his kidnapped Princess Anemone, chained in a cave on the side of Yosemite mountain. Humongus enlists the teenaged Buzz and Sandro, who have found some bags of “happy dust”—worth a fortune— in the wreckage of the violence. Buzz and Sandro need the money to survive. But the “Happy Dust” belongs to the badass cop twins—who chase Humongus and the boys across a decaying America to get the “happy dust” back.



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