Frank Gagliano

This newly discovered 1970’s original television script introduces us to the brilliant detective Hiram Bodoni — and introduces Hiram Bodoni to his first caper in a television studio — where he tries to solve the mysterious deaths of a TV star, an Executive Producer, and an actor’s Agent.

[Hampered by his own fevered existential crisis — disoriented by the surreal studio detritus of props, menacing cables, cameras and fragments of stage sets — irritated by having to constantly expose the characters he meets (who keep changing masks and personas) — and exhausted, too, by his pursuit of his elusive, exquisite muse, the “Lady In White” (who suddenly appears, in and out of his studio-caper delirium, in quick cuts and dissolves) — Hiram Bodoni journeys on to the mind-blowing solution of the mystery, and the unexpected conclusion of his “Lady-in-White” yearnings.]