Gagliano Projects In Development

To followers, who might be intrigued by these fragments—(that were aborted pre and pro Covid Pandemic). Why were they aborted? Who knows? But reading these fragments anew, I’ve become interested in all of them again. Why? Perhaps the zeitgeist now seems more right for them? In any case, if and when I expand and revise — I will re-post each fragment at every stage of development.

So. If you get a chance, please read and let me know what developing piece stands out for you (If any). Your responses might recharge the whole process. And, over time — and development —you’ll be in on what finally emerges. And, like all my collected oeuvre, my new Projects In Development will have their own storeroom on which to riff — and to download.

Frank Gagliano
(Pittsburgh, PA, 2023)

Humongus Toe Rides Again
A Play (How far along? —One scene and three pages of a second scene) . . .Hip, Humongus Toe explodes out of a Molotov Cocktail at the height of the violence of an inner-city, called “The Bog.” Humongus is in search of the Speonk Peace Pipe for his people, and for...
The Painted Lady On Gene Kelly Street
A Play. (How far along? —11 pages) . . .The three Fermi Sisters—hit hard by a national recession—are forced to move back home to Pittsburgh — to the large, decaying, Painted Lady — the house of their parents, Angela and Vincent Fermi. Vincent, professor of vio...
Georg: Or The Black Box Murders
A Novel. (How far along? —Three chapters,14 pages). . . .Hiram Bodoni, Detective (and a “once was” and a “has been” dabbler Off-Off Broadway playwright—“That’s me, the playwright dick”), flees the humiliation of his latest Off-Off Broadway flop (and hi...
Journeying Past Susanna
Jazz artist Susanna McCorkle gives a concert — with songs from the great American Songbook — as she hurtles to her suicide on NY’s West 87th street.
Luigi P

The day Playwright Luigi Pirandello (“Six Characters In Search of An Author”) turns Fascist and pleads with Benito...

Original screenplay. The dream of a teenage singer at the close of WW2 is to perform at Studio 8H in the RCA Building. Lyricist Johnny Mercer makes an appearance. (How far along? —3 1/2 pages)
The Endgame Procession:
A Collage. . . .Insurrection breaks out at the Procession’s start to THERE. Followed by stops along the way to —THERE: Surreal, sexual, musical, solos, duets —and the boy who keeps appearing and saying, “Are we THERE yet?” (How far along? —17 pages).
(In which the world goes dark and Thelonious P. Bascomb comes to the rescue) A Dr. Seuss-like, Fakaktaville Saga. . .For narrator, acting-singing-dancing ensemble—and Multi Media. Told in rhyme. (How far along?—A prologue and two sections; plus full outline for the ...